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RIL shares witnessed a 2.62% low where stocks decreased to Rs. 2,053 as opposed to the closing rate of Rs. 2,108 from the previous day. Noticeably, it raises concerns uponvaluations traded by this oil-to-telecom major after the trading following its 140 per cent rally from March lows.

Reliance Industries Ltd., is a large cap company having a market capital around Rs 1397740.93 crore. While RIL has numerous subsidiaries, the main revenue roots from refinery that principally faced a low along with the retail industry under RIL, with similar impacts in other sections also, like petrochemicals.  However, while RIL results seemed just fine, no announcement on part of Reliance Retail made it imperative for the time required for the stock to cool off.

When the benchmark Nifty 50 index this year went down by 9%, in proper senses, RIL added Rs.4 trillion towards market capitalization, with the RIL stocks hitting a 37% high. Now, in comparison to June 2019, net sales from Rs.88,263.00 crore came down by 46,23 % to Rs.47,461.00 crore. Alongside this, Quarterly Net Profit on June 2020 was at Rs. 9,753.00 crore at a 7.93% high from June 2019 at Rs. 9,036.00 crore in June 2019.

Market analysts are suggesting that this low is a rather good opportunity to look at investments in the crude shares for Reliance Industries – with the current Covid-19 scenario playing a role for the fallen share values. Reliance Industries Limited has said its gross refining margin , a key measure to make a profit from the oil refinery company that has been reduced to $ 6.3per barrel in the April to June period from$8.9 per barrel in the previous quarter, impacted under lower product cracks along with a  thinner light-heavy crude differential.

   So, while Reliance Industries is using this opportunity to build a high, there are lows to this arrangement too. With the current pandemic situation, while it is going to take a considerable amount of time for the markets to recover, online markets and business is one way that is still thriving right now. Therefore, in comparison to digital services market occupied by Reliance Industries in the previous year, there has been a considerably high increased. Biggest impact is found in the petrochemicals and refinery sectors.

Market analysts are suggesting however, that this situation is not impossible to recover from, expectations can be made that restoring of balance can possibly enable the recovery of the losses incurred. The chairman of Reliance India Limited, Mukesh Ambani said, “The severe demand destruction due to global lockdowns impacted our hydrocarbon business but the flexibility in operations enabled us to operate at near-normal levels and deliver industry leading results.”


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