We offer comprehensive solution to your CIBIL Problems and Issues


We help you get your CIBIL Report and CIBIL Score and analyze CIBIL issues and factors that impact your score.


We assist in rectifying any errors and mediate with lenders.


We will provide detailed action plan and score building options to help you improve your CIBIL score and enhance your credit score.

We Are India's Leading Financial Literacy Credit Counselor

A credit Bureau or CIBIL(Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited) basically manages data and collects records of an individual's payments pertaining to credit cards and loans in the form of credit information report which is commonly called as Credit report.

Credit reports are a best way to keep track of one's financial activity. When any person borrows a loan or credit card, it is enteredin the credit report of that individual person. With each successful repayment of either facility availed, credit history and credit score improves. A late payment of credit card or loan or default of the same reduces the score. The better is the score, the better are the chances of availing loan or credit facilities from the bank.

CIBIL records credit score between 300 to 900 points. The loan application of 80 % of people above 750 points is successfully accepted by banks.

What we do

TaxAvatar provides solutions for all your CIBIL related issues and help you to increase and enhance your credit rating.

Our dedicated team of experts helps to improve credit of an individual, by making correction in credit report with CIBIL along with resolving of dispute which might occur during repayment of any credit card or loan.

Our focus is to assist our clients in dealing with every type of discrepancies while correcting of CIBIL score, rectifying errors and also answering every query asked by individual for methods to improve his/her credit rating.



There are several reasons why the credit report is highly valued:

  • It is a complete single report of the customer's previous borrowing and repayment history.
  • It helps in providing banks, financial institutions and leading lenders a scope of customer's background relating to fulfillment of debt liabilities.
  • It gives information of customer's credit strengths and weaknesses and enables them to take focused steps to improve their credit report.
  • It helps in making database transparentwhich let customers know the reasons for their loan rejection, and also enables lenders to know that to whom they can lend to, without making any further background checks.
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