GST Compliance/Returns

A document containing all the details regarding GST invoices, payments and receipts for a particular period is called as GST Return.

It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to declare all the transactions relating to the business. On the basis of this information, the tax authorities will calculate the liability of tax paid by the business.

Online return facility is available on the GST portal.

For filing GST Return, Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) is mandatory. So, if you don't have GSTN, then you have to apply it first.

Following are the details which were required to fill while filing the GST Return:

  • Purchases Details (Total)
  • Sales Details (Total)
  • Details of Output GST (GST paid by the customers)
  • Details of Input Tax Credit ( GST paid by the businesses for purchases)


If the GST Return is filled then the registered dealer can check the GST Return filing status on the GST portal.

And also, for filing any complaints or if you are facing any kind of issue, you can use GST portal.

Two monthly returns and one annual return were required to file by a taxpayer who is having any regular business.

There are 11 types of GST forms. And each form is having distinct purposes and due dates.

So, before filing the GST Return, you have to choose very carefully the right form as per your business.


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