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One of the most gratifying things about being a Doctor is that this profession consists almost entirely of caring for others. But while having concerns for their patients, Doctors are not able to plan & handle their own finances properly.

Therefore, TaxAvtaar is committed to deliver and make out the best possible strategy for Doctor's own finance and tax compliances & commend them for a job well done.

Our prominent services include:

Therefore, among the busiest of professionals, Doctors have little time to learn and gain knowledge about the latest tax regime. Thus, TaxAvtaar is obligated to plan and offer best tax planning solutions specifically for Doctors & Healthcare Employees.

Our Prominent Services Include

One-on-One meeting with concerned Doctor round the year.

Monthly/ Quarterly review of taxation as per income structure.

Transparent intimation of any benefit availed while filing of ITR.

Maximum refund calculation for any type of income.

Drawing a blueprint of tax structure for consultant doctors.

Constant reminders / follow up in filing of taxes before due date.

Computation and calculations of income with due diligence and proficiency.

Filing of taxes with latest software for efficient and time bound filing of ITR.

Guiding individual on matters related to investment plans, stock markets etc.

Benefits of presumptive tax structure

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    I have been dealing with Tax Avatar since 2014 very professional and very efficient services and Abhay is my consultant great guy with great responsiveness

    M Affan Atiq (Dubai)
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    Getting Pre-Notification services for company related necessities. This what makes my experience with you very special.

    Shubham Misra (Grim and Company)
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    " Wonderful and smooth experience "

    Dr Shakeel Ahmad
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    Liked the way they give the services. Very professional & thorough in work. Nice working with them

    Gaurav Manav (IT Consultant)
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    would like to thank you and your team for providing exceptional service to me and my brother (family). Your personal commitment to making our ITR a success continuously exceeds our expectations. In a couple of years, we have learned to depend on you, the ease with which the complete process is carried out as well as your dedication is commendable.

    You have become a trusted resource and partner from the moment we had our first business. Your enthusiasm and dedication for your work with timely and efficient solutions is worth mentioning

    Neetu Maltiar (NAYATI Hospital)
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    Tax Avtaar has been tremendously supportive with their valuable advice over the past few years. The team is efficient, reliable, and extremely professional

    Muktesh Kumar Chauhan
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    Good Initiative to help service class people's to fill ITR and get refund

    Sanjay Kumar Yadav
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